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Experience has taught me, confusion is caused by the category “Small Bar” here in Perth, as many of the guests that chance across us have only ever experienced large “Taverns” and “Restaurants”.

So, what is a small bar? It is in many ways less formal than a “Tavern” we don’t have a dress code, ‘cos we assume our guests have got dressing themselves ...

Bar 399

There's a heading that's a mouthful.

I'm probably delving into a topic way above my pay grade here, but I have a habit of taking on tasks that are bigger than me.

Continuity of identity is an issue for many of us on the planet these days. My family tree in the short term is a great example of this. My dad was born in India, he moved ...


From the ever-changing liquor licensing laws to the responsible service of alcohol, there are so many things going on in the industry these days, it’s a wonder anyone can keep up with it all.
Two industry experts have gotten together to wax lyrical about the state of the scene.

Lemon Squeezer is a London bartender who has lived in ...


Winner Bar Team of the Year 2020 | Australian Hotels Association
Winner Best Small Bar 2015 | Australian Hotels Association

The two-storey, heritage listed building was originally an old police station. It is now decorated with a wooden industrial ...


Winner Best Small Bar Critics Award 2014 | Small Bar Association
Winner Best Small Bar 2011 | Australian Hotels Association

Five Bar at Mt Lawley is a contemporary venue with a rustic Modern Australian menu and a constantly evolving wine list. Beyond ...


Finalist for Best Small Bar of the Year Australia 2010 | Bartender Magazine Awards

This funky small bar is built for comfort & its booths invite you to “stay awhile”. This “lounge room” judges its guests on attitude not attire so while a smile is compulsory ...

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