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…I’ve been bartending coming up to four decades and I still love it, there’s plenty I don’t like about it, but I don’t spend time worrying about that, to quote the great man Bruce Lee;

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”

I grew up in South London in a working class family where a tin of “Swarfega” lived by the kitchen sink, this meant if you lived in our house you were expected to come home with your hands covered in grease.

Things were always tight, and we had little in the way of worldly possessions, but we always found a way to make our own fun. We grew up playing cards as a family because we were never able to afford a TV, which is still one of the key factors I feel in my passion for hospitality lasting, I love the banter and a good chat, as anyone that knows me will tell you.

Note: Swarfega was a hand cleaner only slightly less powerful than a nuclear war, it still exists bit the ingredients have changed due to its caustic nature.

Venues Designed, Built and Opened by GB


Lot 20

Winner Bar Team of the Year 2020 | Australian Hotels Association
Winner Best Small Bar 2015 | Australian Hotels Association

Lot 20 is a stylish Cocktail bar in the Perth Cultural Centre, known for quality service and delicious drinks.


Tiki as FK

Winner Cocktail Bar of the Year 2020 | Australian Hotels Association
Winner Cocktail Bar of the Year 2019 | Australian Hotels Association
Winner Best Small Bar 2018 | Australian Hotels Association
Winner Cocktail Bar of the Year 2017 | Australian Hotels Association

Tiki as FK is Perth’s favourite cocktail bar to party at.



Finalist for Best Small Bar of the Year Australia 2010 | Bartender Magazine Awards

Perth’s first small bar!



Winner Best Small Bar Critics Award 2014 | Small Bar Association
Winner Best Small Bar 2011 | Australian Hotels Association

Five bar was a boutique beer and wine venue in Mt Lawley which I operated successfully for nine years.

Consultation by GB

Blinding is our consultation service, if you’re in business or thinking of getting into business and have questions why not come and have a chat.
We’ve helped all sorts of people and companies along the way, just by having a logical and practical approach to all things business.

“In my teenage years, I worked as a COBOL programmer which is a 3rd generation language, one step removed from machine code.

This involved me being sent on a course to learn Jackson Structured Programming (JSP), which basically is using a top down approach to solve problems. The problem is written down in a simple format, then split into smaller modules and ever smaller ones until each module does just one job. Then they are given to programmers to code.

If you’re still reading at this stage, the long and short of it is I’m an efficient geek at heart.

Break big jobs down into small jobs, if they’re still too complicated break them down again. This is true of any project we take on. If you break it down and down until it is a single module, you can calculate the resources needed to complete the project.

At the same time, I was learning to code I was understudy to a very famous bartender at the Playboy Nightclub London, where I was starting to learn to ply my trade as a career bartender.

This all boils down to me being extremely creative yet at the same time exceptionally logical.”

People I’ve had a chat with along the way;

Consultant | La Sosta, Fremantle, WA 2021
Menu design and staff training

Consultant | Sauma, Perth, WA 2021
New venue design

Consultant | Barry Baltinas, Architects, WA Ad-hoc – Ongoing
New venue design and start up

Consultant | Rabbitohs Rugby Club, Sydney, NSW 2014 – 2016
New venue design and start up

Consultant | GMO, West Perth, WA Ad-hoc – Ongoing
Business valuation forecasting

Consultant | Bruce Arnold (Architect) for Grand Palace Restaurant, The Esplanade, WA (Wang vs WAPC) 2016
Legal documentation and forecasting for court case

Consultant | Old Laundry, North Perth, WA 2016
Back of house set up and POS implementation

Consultant | CTS Building Company, Bayswater, WA 2015
Company restructure

Consultant | Matches, Northbridge, WA 2015
Menu design and staff straining

Consultant | Five Bar, Mt Lawley, WA 2010
Venue design, licensing, set up, and operations

Consultant | Niche Bar, Leederville, WA 2005
Increasing business value for sale

Consultant | Ian Love, Raffles Hotel, Applecross, WA
Venue design

Trainer: Bar Course | Australian Hotels Association, Parliament Square & Tiki as FK, WA 2017 – Ongoing

Guest Lecturer: Event & Hospitality Management Course | South Metropolitan TAFE, WA 2017 – 2019

Guest Lecturer: Business Management Course | South Metropolitan TAFE, WA 2014 – 2017

Trainer: Diageo National Training Program, WA 2005 – 2008

Trainer: Cocktail History, Product Knowledge, Staff Training| Trade Shows, Australia Wide 2004 - 2012

Contributing Writer | Bars & Clubs Magazine, Sydney, NSW 2011 – 2015

Guest Speaker | Bars & Clubs Magazine, Melbourne, VIC 2005

Motivational Speaker | DOME Café, Annual Franchise Meeting, Perth WA 2003

Guest Speaker: Small Business & Bar Licensing | WA Tourism Expo, Burswood Casino, Perth, WA 2003

Guest Speaker | Bartender Magazine, Bartender Awards, Sydney, NSW 2003

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