Stock Control Guidelines Length of Course: 4 Hours

Within hospitality venues the majority of the staff have no formal office training, many have no idea how to use an email client, or a spreadsheet. This is true of many businesses not just hospitality ones, I’ve actually consulted to several building companies to help them with similar issues.
  Chefs are expected to return a Cost of Goods at a set rate, yet in the four years they study to be a chef, there are no compulsory units on the pricing of goods or the use of software.
  This is an easy to understand, training course, that will help any business wanting to empower their staff to achieve improved GP targets.
  The training, systems and procedures I put in place allow all these things to happen and the business to meet its targets.    If you’re looking to invest in a business then you want to maximise the Return On your Investment, flawless procedures and training are the way to make this a reality.

$200 per person inclusive GST

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