Bartender School Length of Course: 3 Months

A three-month intensive Bar School, equipping bartenders to mix two hundred mixed drinks (Cocktails) and assistance obtaining work in a bar whilst undertaking the course. Leveraging off of GB’s reputation within the industry for supplying highly skilled staff.

The question I get asked the most is; how do, I get experience to work in a Cocktail Bar? The answer is undertaking this course to grow your knowledge and skill set to attract the attention of quality employers.

This course covers the making of two hundred mixed drinks (including many cocktails) they’re not all called cocktails, but we’ll learn about that along the way.

The course runs from; Monday to Friday 12pm to 3pm for 12 weeks or 3 months.

That’s 180 hours of learning! The school takes place in a real award winning cocktail bar and you will be mixing and learning all the drinks during this time.

You will also be placed for work experience shifts in working cocktail bars for four Friday or Saturday night shifts, these shifts will be five hours long.

This will give you two hundred (200) hours of cocktail making experience by completion of the course.

$2,500 per person inclusive GST

See T&C’s

In this course you are making the drinks yourself with the real alcoholic ingredients, not a simulated mock-up, your sense of taste and smell are vital to making great mixed drinks (Cocktails). Chefs learn to cook with real food not simulated why wouldn’t you learn to mix drinks with the real products? The course pricing takes into account the cost of mixing the actual Cocktails.

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